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Advanced sensing technologies for accurate and reliable monitoring, protection and control

Powering the innovations of tomorrow

Our advanced sensing technologies help you design products for a range of applications, from electric vehicles (EVs) to industrial automation. With decades of experience, we offer both discrete and integrated solutions that enable high accuracy, low response times and uncompromising reliability. Browse our portfolio to see how our sensing integrated circuits (ICs) can make your product visions a reality.

How accurate sensing enables better system performance and increased efficiency

Explore the capabilities and innovations of sensor ICs in modern systems, from EVs and data centers to energy management systems and robotics.

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Why choose our sensing technology?


Meet your system's most important requirements

Our large and diverse portfolio lets you select the right sensing solution to meet your system requirements, such as performance, efficiency, size and cost.


Maximize system performance

Our products enable low repsonse times and industry-leading accuracy over temperature and time, letting you get the most out of your system.


Accelerate time to market

We build products that are easy to use. Extensive design resources such as computerized models, reference designs and online support forums let you quickly bring product ideas to market.

Explore our sensing technologies

Accurate and fast current sensing for every system

Advancements in current and voltage sensing performance have enabled us to build on subsequent generations of innovation and deliver more accurate results with each measurement. Our devices enable bandwidths up to 1.3 MHz at gain, enabling fast-reacting systems with more precise control and protection.


  • Maximum errors as low as 1-µV offset.
  • Gain errors as low as 0.05%.
  • Drift over temperature as low as 0.01 µV/°C.
Technical article
4 Key Current-Sensing Design Trends That Are Powering Electrification
Learn about higher system voltages, increased system protection, telemetry monitoring and reduced form factors.
Simplifying Current Sensing (Rev. A)
Learn how to design with our current-sensing amplifiers. This e-book addresses many of the common and challenging functional circuits used today.

Unmatched flexibility for maximum system performance

From temperature and humidity to ambient light or color sensors, our environmental sensing portfolio can help you achieve your system specifications. With 40 years of experience, we are known for designing and manufacturing sensors that maximize system performance by achieving higher accuracy and lower power consumption in compact packages.


  • Choose from more than 200 options.
  • Create zero-calibration designs.
  • Achieve accuracy up to ±0.1°C.
Video series
TI Precision Labs – temperature sensors
This curriculum contains short training videos that cover the basics of temperature sensors, terminology, design specifications, tips for applications and more.
An Engineer's Guide to Temperature Sensing (Rev. A)
Discover design techniques that enable higher system performance, more features and smaller form factors.
Application note
Temperature sensing fundamentals
Learn about design and IC considerations for efficient thermal monitoring and protection.

Versatile solutions for accurately sensing position and proximity

Our position and proximity products use advanced technologies such as electromagnetic waves, magnetic fields, millimeter waves, light and sound, and come in various packages. You can confidently develop system designs with high accuracy, high precision, long-distance detection, low latency and low noise.

Our magnetic sensors include:

  • 3D linear sensors with 2.6% sensitivity drift at up to 20 KSPS.
  • High-performance Hall-sensors with jitter and output delay below 5 µs.

Our TI millimeter-wave (mmWave) radar sensors:

  • Detect and track multiple objects in 3D at < 1 mm and 1 degree of accuracy.
  • Detect static and moving objects in challenging environmental conditions.
White paper
The fundamentals of millimeter wave radar sensors (Rev. A)
Learn about our TI mmWave sensors, which can determine the range, velocity and angle of nearby objects using a combination of radio-frequency, analog and digital electronic components.
White paper
Improve System Performance With Linear 3D Hall-Effect Position Sensors
Find out how our linear 3D Hall-effect position sensors can help solve system-level design challenges for automated manufacturing and industrial equipment.

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