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Public policy

We advocate for policies that help us attract talent, drive innovation and promote competitiveness. We engage with stakeholders around the world to support these goals that both reflect our ambitions and values  and create a better world through semiconductors. Our specific areas of policy interest include: tax, trade, talent and racial equity.


We support local, national and international tax policies that recognize the semiconductor industry is global, capital-intensive and R&D-focused. Worldwide, we to seek to ensure tax policies are competitive, predictable and transparent.


As a U.S.-headquartered, multinational company that sells the majority of our products overseas, we advocate for open trade policies that recognize the global nature of the electronics industry and promote fair competition.

We work with governments to encourage trade agreements and policies that:

  • Increase market access by reducing tariffs and eliminating other barriers to trade
  • Modernize trade for the digital age
  • Address discriminatory practices, standards or requirements that restrict trade
  • Increase transparency
  • Set high standards for intellectual property protection


Our company’s ability to compete, innovate and succeed relies on the ability to grow, hire and retain the world's greatest scientists and engineers.

In the United States, international students represent the majority of advanced-degree graduates from university programs in electrical engineering – a key discipline for our company. Our advocacy focuses on:

  • Enacting meaningful employment-based visa reforms that enable U.S. employers to access top global talent and give individuals with advanced degrees in STEM from U.S. universities a high priority for permanent resident status.
  • Addressing measures that make it harder for U.S. employers to access and retain such talent.
  • Supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programs and policies to build the U.S. talent pipeline. Our company’s education initiatives and the TI Foundation support efforts to foster STEM education and school improvement, especially in communities where we have a presence.

Racial equity

TI has long-standing history of being good neighbor, corporate citizen and community partner, and we are committed to racial equity both inside our company and in our communities. This means a long term commitment to change through advocacy and community leadership.

Companies are only as strong as communities in which they operate. One of the most important tenets of every strong community is a fair, transparent and trusted public safety system.

Our company is committed to improving racial equity through government and public affairs. Our specific focus is on increasing trust between police and the community to improve public safety.