Part ratings

Part ratings

Texas Instruments (TI) understands that semiconductor quality and reliability standards are important. With that in mind, our part ratings can help you more easily find parts that align with industry standards.

Part ratings and classifications

Classification and target applications
Catalog     TI classifies a majority of its parts as catalog products, which it releases in alignment with its own quality standards.
Automotive Designed for automotive applications, automotive-classified parts help designers meet Automotive Electronics Council (AEC)-Q100 or AEC-Q101 standards, or other automotive specifications. See the product’s data sheet for details.
Enhanced products TI classifies enhanced products (EP) for use in aerospace and defense applications. Our enhanced product (-EP) plastic portfolio provides ruggedized commercial-off-the-shelf products qualified to meet the Aerospace Qualified Electronic Component (AQEC) standard. To learn more, see the “Enhanced Product Selection Guide” and “QML Flow, Its Importance, and Obtaining Lot Information.”
Military TI military-classified parts are suitable for defense and certain aerospace electronics. This classification entails developing parts with uniform methods, controls and procedures and testing microelectronic devices for use within electronic systems, including basic environmental tests to determine resistance to the deleterious effects of natural elements and conditions surrounding military operations. Please see the data sheet for details if the products meet Military Performance Specification MIL-PRF-38385 (qualified manufacturers list [QML] Class Q and Class N).
Space TI provides space or space-grade parts qualified for use in space electronics applications. Our portfolio includes QML Class V or similar, radiation-hardness-assured integrated circuits (ICs) or radiation-tolerant ICs, demonstrating the company’s long-standing commitment to the space electronics market. To learn more, see the “Radiation Handbook for Electronics” and “Reduce the Risk in NewSpace with Space Enhanced Plastic Products.”
High temperature                         TI high-temperature parts can withstand extreme temperatures in electronics systems. High-temperature products are available in ceramic (210°C), high-temperature plastic (175°C) and known good die.

Understanding part-level ratings vs. product-level ratings

TI offers ratings of its parts, also known as orderable part numbers. On, we group a number of parts in a product folder. In the event that a single product folder has parts with more than one rating, TI will show all appropriate ratings and make the appropriate part-level rating clear where appropriate.