Body electronics & lighting

Driving passenger comfort and convenience forward

Body electronics and lighting systems in a vehicle create comfort and convenience for the driver, passengers and in some cases even those outside of the vehicle. From adaptive headlights and efficient body motors and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to scalable solutions for body control modules, gateways and car access systems, we have the expertise to help you meet the changing design needs for body electronics and lighting. Leverage our products and system resources to create body electronics and lighting systems that are more advanced, efficient and flexible. Jump-start your designs now.

Featured applications

Accelerating the evolution of passenger comfort and convenience

Create pixelated, scalabe and efficient automotive lighting solutions

Maximize driving range and lower cost of electric vehicles (EVs) with efficient system solutions for evolving EV thermal management architectures

Accelerating the evolution of passenger comfort and convenience

Driving vehicle comfort, convenience, lighting and in-vehicle communication

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Why choose TI for your body electronics & lighting systems?


Quickly adapt to ever-evolving design demands

Automotive body architectures are evolving quickly. We develop state-of-the-art products to meet your automotive body and lighting needs now and in the future.


Optimize your system solution

We focus on the functional optimization of our products, enabling you to develop highly optimized system solutions for power efficieny, thermal management and EMI.


Accelerate your development time

Automotive body technology is diverse with many different architectures and implementation. Our broad portfolio of products and deep technical expertise help you accelerate your design time.

Accelerating the evolution of passenger comfort and convenience

Body motors & seats

Many vehicles have more than 20 body motors to improve comfort and convenience with modules in doors, seats, trunks, sunroofs, windows and more. Reduce the size of your edge node motor drive designs with our products that integrate analog features in industry’s smallest packaging. With our multi-channel devices that support power off braking and multi supply topologies and our deep expertise in conducted and radiated emissions and immunity, you have the freedom and flexibility to design solutions for a wide-variety of supply architectures. 

Featured products for Body motors & seats
DRV8718-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 40-V, 8-channel half-bridge smart gate driver with inline current sense amplifier
TCAN1043A-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive CAN FD transceiver with wake/inhibit/sleep
TPS1HB16-Q1 ACTIVE 40-V, 16-mΩ, 1-ch automotive smart high-side switch with adjustable current limit

Zonal & body domain controller

Auto manufacturers are evolving their vehicle architectures from domain to zone control. We offer broad and scalable boost, buck, buck-boost and linear power tree technology for all your variations of zone modules. Our high side switches with current-limit protection and high side gate driver solutions can replace melting fuses in your designs, while our multi-channel motor driver portfolio can reduce the size. Our CAN, LIN, FPD-Link, Ethernet and PCIe connectivity options meet all of your zone module networking needs.

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Featured products for Zonal & body domain controller
DP83TG720S-Q1 ACTIVE 1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet PHY with RGMII & SGMII
DRV8244-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 40-V, 21-A H-Bridge driver with integrated current sensing and feedback
TPS27SA08-Q1 ACTIVE 36-V, 8-mΩ, 10-A, 1-ch automotive smart high-side switch with current monitoring

Develop efficient HVAC modules

New thermal management challenges arise as vehicles migrate from engine-based to electric motor-based. Our best-in-class real-time control MCUs and our expertise in motor commutation algorithms enable you to implement sophisticated control algorithms. Our gate drivers can efficiently drive any power stage, including MOSFET, IGBT and SIC in your compressor or PTC heater rmodule. Develop reliable HVAC and heat pump systems with our broad portfolio of isolated bias power supplies and low voltage motor drivers for heat pump applications.

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Featured products for HVAC
UCC23513-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 5.7kVrms,4A/5A single-channel opto-compatible isolated gate driver with 8V/12V UVLO
TMS320F280025-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive C2000™ 32-bit MCU with 100 MHz, FPU, TMU, 128-KB flash
LM25180-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 42-VIN PSR flyback converter with 65-V, 1.5-A integrated power MOSFET

Improve LED lighting efficiency and functionality

We understand your lighting needs are unique. We provide the right resources and expertise for you to design innovative lighting systems on a wide-variety of linear and switching LED driver circuit topologies. We offer industry-leading matrix managers and DLP technology for high pixel count headlights. Our LED driver packages enable you to design the most thermally-efficient solution possible, and our broad portfolio of linear LED drivers enable you to design any form-factor lamp.

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Featured products for LED lighting
TPS92633-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive three-channel high-side LED driver with thermal sharing and off-board binning
TPS92519-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 2-A dual synchronous buck LED driver
TPS92663A-Q1 ACTIVE High-brightness LED matrix manager for automotive headlight systems

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