Authorized distributors

Authorized distributors

Texas Instruments is committed to delivering high quality and reliable semiconductor solutions.  We select our authorized distributors to meet these standards, and strongly encourage you to purchase all TI semiconductor products either directly from TI or from our authorized distribution network.

Semiconductor products purchased outside of TI’s authorized distribution network, including through brokers, independent distributors, or online marketplaces (sometimes referred to as the “gray market”), may be counterfeit, modified, beyond TI’s recommended shelf life, or improperly stored or handled. Accordingly, TI does not provide warranty coverage or customer support for semiconductor products purchased outside of TI’s authorized distribution network.

Aside from transacting directly with TI, including purchasing directly from, customers have the following options to do business with TI: 

The following channels provide additional options for select customers or markets:

* Different TI warranty terms may apply to purchases through these channels.