Save purchasing time and effort with TI APIs

With automated access to inventory and product information,  doing business with us is more convenient than ever.

What are APIs?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow two systems or applications to communicate with each other and help simplify complex information in a way that’s tailored to your needs. APIs are developer friendly, easily accessible and offer an environment for delivering informational and transactional data in a way that's most suited to your business needs.

Why API?

Too much data can overload your team's resources. Save time and effort by taking advantage of real-time data delivered through our APIs that can be configured for your systems.

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Benefits of integrating with TI APIs


Save time and effort 

Upload your TI Bill Of Materials to receive push notifications when inventory stocks up and automate your system to buy instantly.


Flexible configuration

With your in-house developer or an integration partner, enable pricing, product details, finance and shipment information to automatically populate into your system when and how you need it.


Ease of doing business    

Streamline your checkout process with flexible payment options, including bank transfer, line of credit and local currencies.

Automate your business with us

Get started

Step 1. Register for a myTI company account

Accessing TI APIs requires a myTI company account, enabling a connected seamless experience for you and your colleagues.

Step 2. Request API keys

Once you have your myTI company account, your admin can request API keys.

Step 3. Visit our developer portal

Explore our API catalog, download documentation and configuration files — and start integrating.

Inform your team about APIs

Want to make your business more automated and convenient?  Customize this letter to help spark the conversation with your management to simplify your purchasing experience.