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From data converters to sensing, beginner to advanced – look to the quarterly Analog Design Journal for answers to your analog design questions. Some of the industry’s most knowledgeable engineers share exclusive, carefully curated articles geared toward engineers across all industries and levels of experience.

Analog Design Journal Issue 1, 2023

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Implementing an isolated USB 2.0 On-the-Go port

Authored by Manasa Gadiyar and Anant Kamath. Learn key considerations on implementing an isolated USB OTG port with Host Negotiation Protocol (HNP), and the corresponding requirements from an isolated USB repeater. Examine an application diagram and test results implementing an Isolated USB OTG port with TI’s ISOUSB211 isolated USB repeater.

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Achieving high converter efficiency with an active clamp in a PSFB converter

Authored by Sheng-Yang Yu, Benjamin Lough and LiehChung Yin. This article introduces an active (rather than a passive) snubber and its related control, which minimizes rectifier voltage stress to achieve higher converter efficiency while also greatly reducing energy dissipation in the snubber circuit and without sacrificing operational range.

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Building a multi-patient contactless vital signs sensor for at-home use

Authored by Greg Peake and Matthieu Chevrier. Differentiation between a static object in the way of a robot and a human is vital when it comes to medical transmission of signals and data. In this article, learn how an FMCW radar combined with MIMO and beam steering takes advantage of the phase information to reliably detect humans and accurately measure distances to obstacles.

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Using a second stage filter to reduce voltage ripple

Authored by Rich Nowakowski and Sarmad Abedin. This article compares three different control architectures: externally-compensated voltagemode, constant on-time and selectable-compensation current-mode to achieve 1-mV output voltage ripple complete with test data using the same electrical specifications and comparison of output voltage ripple, solution size, load transients and efficiency.

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Power factor correction using peak current-mode control

Authored by Bosheng Sun. Learn a new method – a special peak current mode to control PFC and achieve a unity power factor that does not need a current shunt, so power losses are eliminated. And although it still uses the current transformer to sense the switching current, there is no need to sample at the middle of the PWM on-time, so the sample position offset issue goes away.

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